Six years ago, you might have spotted Eric Levin on a street corner, sitting on a concrete bench wearing tattered Jeans and a t-shirt, trying to hawk a handful of photographs sprawled out next to him: one was the underbelly of a bridge tower, propped by cable wires and dripping In neon blue light. Another captured a city at dusk -- skyscraper rooftops, a smattering of lighted windows and a brooding cloudy sky. Simple images, but powerful.

Soon after, a local magazine editor noticed the new, young street artist and offered him a Job shooting for the Boston-based magazine, Slammed. He was thrown Into all sorts of assignments -- food, design, portraits -- forcing Eric to master lighting and composition on the fly. Before long, Eric had a few covers under his belt, so he tried his luck at other magazines. Within a year, he was photographing cover and editorial spreads for almost every magazine in the city. He won first prize for the New England Press Association -- five years in a row -- and picked up another award from the Boston Society of Architects.

Today, Eric operates his own national photography business and studio where he specializes in portrait, fashion and celebrity photography. His subjects include Morgan Freeman, Kanye West and Rihanna for clients such as Clear Channel, Pepsico and Conde Nast. Whether it's a movie star or a city bridge, Eric approaches each project in the same way that caught the attention of that first magazine editor--with an emotionally-rich, film noir style, evoking an image and a feeling that stand the test of time.